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Meghalaya's only representative in I-League, Shillong Lajong FC will travel to participate in 2016 Independence Day Celebration Cup starting from 25th July. The annual tournament organised by Mizoram Football Association will see 10 Teams: 8 Mizoram Premier League and 2 Invitee teams, battle for the silverware. AIFF U-19 team is the other invitee team in the competition.

Shillong Lajong FC have been kept in Group B along with Bethlehem Vengthalang FC, Dinthar FC, Zo United FC and Ramhlun North FC. Teams in Group A will comprise of Aizawl FC, Chanmari FC, Chanmari West FC, Chinga Veng FC and AIFF U-19.

The Reds of Shillong will play their first game of the tournament on 29th July against last year's MFA Super Cup Winner, Bethlehem Vengthalang FC.

The schedule of the tournament is as below:

25th July
12:30 PM: Aizawl FC - Chanmari FC 
02:30 PM: Bethlehem VT FC - Dinthar FC 

26th July 
12:30 PM: Chhinga Veng FC - Chanmari West FC 
02:30 PM: Zo United FC - Ramhlun North FC 

29th July 
12:30 PM: Shillong Lajong FC - Bethlehem VT FC 
02:30 PM: AIFF U-19 - Aizawl FC 

30th July 
12:30 PM: Dinthar FC - Zo United FC 
02:30 PM: Chanmari FC - Chhinga Veng FC 

3rd August 
12:30 PM: Chanmari West FC - AIFF U-19 
02:30 PM: Ramhlun North FC - Shillong Lajong FC 

4th August 
12:30 PM: Aizawl FC FC - Chhinga Veng FC 
02:30 PM: Bethlehem VT - Zo United FC 

5th August 
12:30 PM: Chanmari FC - Chanmari West FC 
02:30 PM: Dinthar FC - Ramhlun North FC 

6th August 
12:30 PM: Zo United FC - Shillong Lajong FC
02:30 PM: Chhinga Veng FC - AIFF U-19 

8th August 
12:30 PM: Ramhlun North FC - Bethlehem VT FC 
02:30 PM: Chanmari West FC - Aizawl FC FC 

9th August 
12:30 PM: Shillong Lajong FC - Dinthar FC 
02:30 PM: AIFF U-19 - Chanmari FC

The final will be played on 15th August 2016.

Picture Courtesy: Mizoram Football Association Facebook Page

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