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ALT NEWS | 03/11/2017

India’s Football Federation and their commercial partners, Football Development Authority, have announced the Schedule of India’s TOP DIVISION League which will kick off from tomorrow i.e. 4th November with defending Champions, Aizawl FC facing Mohun Bagan AC.

Explaining their decision on starting the league at such an abrupt notice, AIFF General Secretary, K. Dass said, ‘I-League is our main League and in order to make it more interesting to fans we have decided to take this decision.’

‘In previous seasons, we saw that the League became very interesting because we didn’t know who will be the champion till the last round. So, this year we have decided to extend this suspense to fixures also. We will be releasing the schedule of each round just a day before the match to increase the unpredictability of the league.’ Dass Stated.

But after being questioned by the reporters that how will the matches be arranged since all the teams are busy in their pre season and many of them are still upgrading their stadiums, Das stated, ‘We did think about this problem before hand and came up with an ingenious solution. The 1st round will be played on FIFA 18 platform and the teams can play from their hotel rooms which will help reduce amount spent on travel and stadium fee.’

On being asked about the lack of promotion of I-League on T.V. or Social Media, Dass stated that the commercial partners are responsible for this and we will take it up with them when they call us.

No clubs were available for comments as most of them were busy trying to get their hands on pirated copies of FIFA 18 and practicing for their Round 1 Match.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction and not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. Still if your feelings are hurt, its your problem.

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